Xavier Aragonès

Works / Twentysix Abandoned Catalan Gasoline Stations

Cover art © José de Almeida.

2011 - 2017

“You know, gasoline stations always bring life to small towns. You’d always have someone pumping the gas, buying things at the shop or just stopping by to say hello and have a little chat with the employees.

But at some point the farmers’ co-op decided to build their own station so they could get cheaper fuel and from then things went downhill. I could not compete with their prices at all. In the end, the guys from the oil company came here and stripped all the place down and now I’m left with the remains. According to the law, I’m not allowed to use this place for any other kind of business because the underground gas storage tanks are still there and it would be way too expensive for me to remove them safely…
So you say you’re taking these photographs for a book? I bet you’ve found a few more stations like this!”
Former station owner. Torregrossa, Lleida. 2016.

Twentysix Abandoned Catalan Gasoline Stations is, apart from an obvious homage to Ed Ruscha's 1962 seminal artist book, the result of a six-year long treasure hunt in which I challenged myself to find as many derelict gas stations as I could in my native Catalonia (for those who don't know, an area in the Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula that is slightly bigger than Belgium).

L-303, Plans de Sió, 2016.

LV-7022, Torregrossa, 2016.

C243c, Terrassa, 2011.

LV-3025, Montgai, 2016.

B-2411, Begues, 2016.

N-240, Les Borges Blanques, 2016.

C-66, Flaçà, 2012.

N-340, L'Arboç, 2013.

C-1411a, Balsareny, 2016.

C-16a, Sant Fruitós de Bages, 2016.

C-55, Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, 2016.

N-II, Cervera, 2012.

N-150, Montcada i Reixac, 2017.

N-IIa, El Bruc, 2017.

N-260, Llocalou, 2016.

T-340, Deltebre, 2017.

C/ Llull - C/Roc Boronat, Barcelona, 2017.

B-124, Sant Llorenç Savall, 2012.

N-150, Terrassa, 2016.

C-12, Tortosa, 2017.

Av. Francesc Macià, Esparreguera, 2011.

N-II, Sant Andreu de la Barca, 2017.

C-35, Vidreres, 2011.

N-340, L'Ampolla, 2017.

N-260a, Vallfogona del Ripollès, 2016.

A-7, Vila-seca, 2016.

Twentysix Abandoned Catalan Gasoline Stations was published as a photobook by Camera Infinita Books in 2017.

You can preview the book in full and, if you wish, purchase it here.

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