Xavier Aragonès

Cover art © José de Almeida.

Twentysix Abandoned Catalan Gasoline Stations


Apart from an obvious homage to Ed Ruscha's 1962 seminal artist book, this project is the result of a six-year long treasure hunt in which I challenged myself to find as many derelict gas stations as I could in my native Catalonia (for those who don't know, an area in the Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula that is slightly bigger than Belgium).

L-303, Plans de Sió, 2016.

LV-7022, Torregrossa, 2016.

C243c, Terrassa, 2011.

LV-3025, Montgai, 2016.

B-2411, Begues, 2016.

N-240, Les Borges Blanques, 2016.

C-66, Flaçà, 2012.

N-340, L'Arboç, 2013.

C-1411a, Balsareny, 2016.

C-16a, Sant Fruitós de Bages, 2016.

C-55, Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, 2016.

N-II, Cervera, 2012.

N-150, Montcada i Reixac, 2017.

N-IIa, El Bruc, 2017.

N-260, Llocalou, 2016.

T-340, Deltebre, 2017.

C/ Llull - C/Roc Boronat, Barcelona, 2017.

B-124, Sant Llorenç Savall, 2012.

N-150, Terrassa, 2016.

C-12, Tortosa, 2017.

Av. Francesc Macià, Esparreguera, 2011.

N-II, Sant Andreu de la Barca, 2017.

C-35, Vidreres, 2011.

N-340, L'Ampolla, 2017.

N-260a, Vallfogona del Ripollès, 2016.

A-7, Vila-seca, 2016.

Twentysix Abandoned Catalan Gasoline Stations was published as a photobook by Camera Infinita Books in 2017.

You can preview the book in full and, if you wish, purchase it here.

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