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  1. An act of analog rebellion

    30 Dec 2020

    “In a world of deafening images, the quiet consolations of photobooks doom them to a relatively small, and sometimes tiny, audience. Photobooks are expensive to make, and they rarely recoup their costs. They are in this way a quixotic affront to the calculations of the market. The evidence of a…

  2. Landscapes are stories

    15 Dec 2020

    “Q: How can the medium of landscape imagery be used to tell stories A: Landscapes are stories, we just need to learn how to read them. And there are many, many stories – waiting for someone to come along, and give shape to them and find an appropriate means to…

  3. As I became invisible

    07 Dec 2020

    “You see, ten years ago when I first came to the city, I had a job on the West Side as a pushcart vendor. In order to get my license, I was told to go to a certain municipal office, to approach a particular window and to pay a small…

  4. Beginnings

    20 Aug 2020

    “Get out now. Not just outside, but beyond of the programmed electronic age so gently closing around so many people at the end of our century. Go outside, move deliberately, then relax, slow down, look around. Do not jog. Do not run. Forget about blood pressure and arthritis, cardiovascular rejuvenation…

  5. Fragments of a Whole / Fragmentos de un todo

    24 Jul 2020

    My friend Sylvia just published an essay (available both in English and Spanish) at Wimblu on the personal and social consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, aiming to find "consolation and hope in our abundant capacity for connection and creation, despite the social distancing in the midst of the pandemic". Along…

  6. Photo book: “Riviera: Photographs of Palm Springs” by John Brian King

    24 Jul 2020

    A couple weeks ago I received in the mail a copy (along with some really nice postcards, one of them with a personal hand -written note from the author) of John Brian King’s RIVIERA: PHOTOGRAPHS OF PALM SPRINGS, published by Spurl Editions.  It’s a rather small (21x19 cm), 112-page book…

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